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VideoSnaps - (video2photo / video to photo conversion) Ideal for extracting photos from any type of video, including home video recordings - a great tool for any digital photography/ digital video editing project, or to compliment multimedia, video, home movie, and graphics toolsets. VideoSnaps can also make easy work of extracting still snaps for posters, cover titles, collage printing, etc. Whether in a video production house, or at home for DIY projects, VideoSnaps makes it possible for you to
get high quality still photos from stored video files - automatically. It is a 'must have' for digital video/  photography hobbyists and professionals, or for mining the treasure trove of potential snaps from home video recordings.

Description Specs Download support affiliates contact

current release 7.3 from us$69 only + free maintenance updates




VideoSnaps provides for 'one touch' automatic extraction of distinct high quality photos, from a Video file# - no manual picking of frames is required - NeuralTek's image matching technology automatically looks for unique pictures in the video stream, and creates a shortlist of photos which the user can pre-view, then selectively print or discard - ideal for getting those 'magic moments' from any home video recording - without manual picking through thousands of near duplicate frames.

First time released as shareware, the VideoSnaps technology was previously used in video production to extract frames for posters, cover art, etc. The same ease of use is now available for getting unique photos from any home video recording

VideoSnaps main features in summary:

  • One touch scan of a recorded video file to automatically extract unique photo snaps

  • Default settings to suit most video recordings; optional controls to to tweak the behaviour manually

  • Automatic enlargement of smaller frame sizes to Full Frame size with auto noise reduction - makes the extracted photos suitable for printing

  • Built-in automatic, adaptive normalization filters reduce artefacts or noise introduced by enlargement

  • View 'found' photos in a slide show, then trim the list down, or manually capture additional frames to get the desired Photo List

  • Advanced printing with WYSIWYG preview

  • Print several photos per page, or fit for Full Page Blow-ups

  • Batch print all or selected photos

  • Great tool to discover and preserve the hidden treasure-trove of quality photos contained within video recordings from holidays, parties, special functions, etc.

Any home video recording is a store-house of potentially hundreds of high quality photographs - such that would require several film rolls and perfect snap shoots with a conventional still camera. Mining for these photos however has this far been a tedious process, requiring one to sit through patiently, while selecting one frame at a time out of streams of near duplicates - a typical one hour recording consists of approximately 100,000 still frames, mostly duplicates. VideoSnaps now makes this extraction process as simple as loading a video file, and then pressing a button.

The advanced image analysis technology embedded within VideoSnaps ensures that users get the most unique collection of high quality still photos, and with the minimal effort. The collection can then be previewed; unwanted items can be selectively purged, specific frames included manually, and the final list batch-printed, or stored for future use. 

For smaller "frame size" video typical of digital camcorders, web'ized video, or live video phone recordings, VideoSnaps allows for automatic scaling of scanned photos up to full frame size. Built-in automatic and adaptive Image Normalization reduces artefacts and blurriness that are typically associated with scaled-up images. This makes the processed photos suitable for hard copy printing.

VideoSnaps lets you discover and realize the hidden treasure-trove of great photographs, contained within video recordings from holidays, parties, special functions, etc.

VideoSnaps represents a great value. One would spend more on shooting and developing 2-3 rolls of film. With VideoSnaps in the toolset, you need not lug along the extra 'still' camera everywhere * - just shoot with your video camera, and you already have still photos waiting to be mined through VideoSnaps.

Getting your photos the "VideoSnaps" way has another inherent advantage - you do not need to time or choreograph the 'shoots' precisely. A video automatically shoots up to 25 - 30 frames per second, so the chances of having that perfect photo are so much more, when compared to shooting with a still camera*.

# Acquisition of video from video cameras or video play-back devices into your computer must be done through software and device interface/ drivers provided by the equipment manufacturer, or by using other third party software and interface cards, etc. VideoSnaps takes over once you have managed to 'capture' your video as ".AVI" or ".MPG/ .MPEG" video file on your computer.

* Despite the obvious advantage of shooting a video, a conventional or even a digital still camera shoots at a much higher resolution compared to a video recording.




Minimum system requirements to install and run VideoSnaps:

  • Windows 98(SE), ME, 2000, XP (or later) equipped PC * w/ Keyboard, and hard-disk with minimum 5 MB free space for the program, and pointing device

  • Color Monitor + Graphics card capable of minimum 800 X 600 display at 16 bit

  • Minimum 32MB memory, and support for playback of stored video files such as AVI and MPEG 1 streams.

  • ** Stored video files from which you wish to extract photos, or the means to capture video from your external source, along with the required codecs. 

  • Printer [OPTIONAL] capable of color photo-quality output.

* Though VideoSnaps is technically supported on PC Windows, it may also work  under Mac OS using a bridging software to emulate Windows. If you wish to use VideoSnaps on a Mac, try the free shareware version and see if it works under your emulation environment.

** Supported Media Types: Primarily, VideoSnaps supports Video for Windows files [.AVI] and MPEG encoded video. However, other movie files such as .mov may also be opened and processed, provided that you have the necessary codecs installed. Generally, VideoSnaps will load and process any video that you can playback using the standard Windows Media Player. However, the best way to ensure that the software works with your video is to download the free trial and try running your video files in trial mode; if this works, so will the full licensed version.

** If you experience problems with MPEG2/ VOB type files, please try downloading and installing the free GPL MPEG 1/2 direct show decoder from here - in most cases this should resolve the problem. Please note that you will need Microsoft DirectX installed on your system for this to work - most Windows XP and later systems should be OK with this, though you can get and install/ update the latest drivers here.

Use the table below to compare features and price between available VideoSnaps product editions:

VideoSnaps Version 7.3 Price/ Feature Comparison   Standard Edition
Current Price  [ex local taxes]   US$69


Processing Range/ Scope   Full automatic search for unique photos within the loaded video stream - photo snaps are selected based on uniqueness criteria determined through NeuralTek's proprietary image matching algorithm.

No limit on clip length/ duration.

Enlargement & Normalization   User can choose to automatically enlarge the photo snaps to up to full frame size (720 X 576 PAL, 720 X 480 NTSC) in case of smaller size frames in the source video, and also to automatically normalize the enlarged snaps to reduce noise, blurriness,  etc  - delivering optimized and sharp images suitable for colour print output.
Processing Criteria - Controls   User controls to select the uniqueness factor and depth of a search. This provides the ability to tune the processing in terms of search speed, uniqueness matching, and quantity of photo snaps selected.
Media Navigation   Full navigation control - preview the clip with audio support (Play, Frame Forward, Frame Back, First Frame, Last Frame, Capture Current Frame, Stop/ Interrupt processing).
Supported Media Types   AVI, MPEG , MPV, M1V, M2V, VOB. Other video clip types may work based on installed CODECS, but are not specifically supported.

Found snaps may be saved as .bmp and/ or .jpg (windows bitmap or JPEG format) - user selectable.

Slide Show   Preview the found snaps in a slide show - manual navigation or auto run with user selectable time delay between slides.
Print and Preview   Power-packed WYSIWYG print and preview capability - several options to select the range, scope, and layout for a batch print job. Ability to fit several images per page, or fit only one image on ea. page for blow-ups. User specifies number of columns and rows to fit per page (max 5 X 5) and spacing, margins, centring, etc. Full WYSIWYG style preview of all options.
On-line Help & Tutorial   Full + Pop-up



Free trial-download / updates

Important Note: VideoSnaps is available in different levels of functionality. Please be aware that the trial version is common across these editions. You can compare features between different versions by referring to the feature compare table.

Please follow the appropriate link from below to download and try VideoSnaps, or to get the latest program update or documentation.

Important download and installation instructions:

1. Click on the download link in the table below. This will take you to an external hosted page for Videosnaps. Click on the "Download Now" (or similar) link on that page to begin downloading the software, then follow any instructions provided.

2. When the download is complete, run the install file [vsnaps.exe] and follow instructions or just click on "Finish" button for a Default installation.

3. Running the installer as in step 2 above with default options will install VideoSnaps Trial on your PC and create a program group called "VideoSnaps by NeuralTek" in your Windows "Programs" menu [accessed by clicking on "Start -> Programs" from the your desktop]. To run VideoSnaps, select the item "VideoSnaps Program" from from this group. Also consult the "VideoSnaps Readme" item in this group for late breaking information etc.

Note: If you get an "unknown publisher" or similar warning after running the install file, simply ignore this and select "Continue/ Run".

Latest VideoSnaps self-extracting ".EXE" DOWNLOAD

EULA: VideoSnaps use is subject to an End User License Agreement [EULA] - you may review the terms of this EULA by Clicking Here.

If you experience 'slowness' or other difficulties downloading through above links, please e-mail

If you have problems installing/ un-installing or un-archiving, please refer to FAQ in the SUPPORT section, or e-mail

Trial Limitations

The trial version of VideoSnaps lets you use and evaluate all features and functionality of the SE (Standard Edition), with the following noted exceptions:

1) Maximum of 45 snaps only will be captured.

2) Maximum length of the video that can be processed is approximately half a minute - longer videos may be loaded, but only the first half minute will be processed.

3) The trial license expires after 10 days from the first run date.

4) Captured Snaps display the VideoSnaps logo.

All these limitations are of course removed upon entering a valid license key.

Please consult the included documentation for details regarding features, operation, and a Quick Start tutorial.

If there are significant changes in a newer program release, the trial conditions may be re-set; this means that you may be able to download and try some newer releases even if you previously tried the program and ran out of trial period.

If you experience problems with MPEG2/ VOB type files, please try downloading and installing the free GPL MPEG 1/2 direct show decoder from here - in most cases this should resolve the problem. Please note that you will need Microsoft DirectX installed on your system for this to work - most Windows XP and later systems should be OK with this, though you can get and install/ update the latest drivers here.

For any further clarification please email 




For a comparison of features and functionality between available VideoSnaps editions, please refer to the feature compare table.

Buy with confidence - online or over the phone using a major credit-card - following any purchase link from the tables below will lead you to secure payment page. We partner only with leading e-commerce companies, so that your buying experience is safe and hassle-free. The information you supply on-line is encrypted using the highest encryption standards, and you immediately receive your License KEY by e-mail upon payment confirmation. 

You may also choose to pay by PayPal, Wire-transfer, Fax, or through postal mail. Whichever method you prefer, please proceed by selecting an appropriate "BUY-NOW" button link from the tables below.

Note: If a particular purchase link does not work, it may be down for maintenance - please use an alternate Point Of Sale from the tables below, or try after a while. If you continue experiencing difficulties, please e-mail For urgent purchase assistance only, please SMS or call +61 408 268762.

Dear Customer,

Videosnaps purchase links have been taken out pending a software update supporting the newer Windows versions. The older version of Videosnaps only works under Windows XP.

If you still wish to purchase the older version for Windows XP, please send an email to requesting a purchase link (US$69), and stating that you "...realise that Videosnaps will only work under Windows XP...".

Thank you.

EULA: VideoSnaps use is subject to an End User License Agreement [EULA] - you may review the terms of this EULA by Clicking Here.

Privacy Policy: NeuralTek does not store or even 'see' the financial account information that you submit [such as credit card numbers] - these are encrypted following the highest encryption standards, then passed to the relevant banking institution for processing. NeuralTek only receives your order fulfilment details, and will only use this to contact you regarding product support, informing you of new updates/ products, etc. Specifically, NeuralTek will never sell or share any of this information with any third party; plus in all our mailings, you will have the option to discontinue receiving further communications. 

Refund Policy: Refunds are only provided under special circumstances, and upon NeuralTek's sole discretion. As a matter of general policy, we do not provide refunds once you have received your permanent License KEY [due to the nature of electronically delivered KEYs, we have no enforcement mechanism to get the 'sold goods' back]. With shareware such as VideoSnaps, you have the opportunity to try the software features before deciding to purchase - that's perhaps the best GUARANTEE you can get for your  total satisfaction.     




For VideoSnaps technical support, please e-mail

VideoSnaps FAQ



VideoSnaps is a very simple, but powerful program, and should be relatively trouble free. If you do encounter any issues, please first consult the troubleshooting list below, then if your problem is not addressed, contact

Problems getting snaps from VOB or MPEG2 type media

If you experience problems with MPEG2/ VOB type files, please try downloading and installing the free GPL MPEG 1/2 direct show decoder from here - in most cases this should resolve the problem. Please note that you will need Microsoft DirectX installed on your system for this to work - most Windows XP and later systems should be OK with this, though you can get and install/ update the latest drivers here.

Error message "...unexpected end of input file...".

This is quite rare and may happen on some systems while loading and processing MPEG2 type video. If you get this error, please close the application by clicking on the "X" (close) icon near the top right of the main program screen, then restart the application and try loading the same video file again. In most cases this will resolve the issue. If the problem persists, please contact

Cannot load/ open a video file in VideoSnaps...

This is mostly due to a missing "codec" or an incompatible media type. First make sure that the file you are trying to open represents a valid video media type. Next, try and open it using Windows Media Player. This is a standard program bundled with Windows 98SE and later Windows Editions. For Windows 98/ 95 prior to Win98SE, a media player can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site. Chances are that the problem video wont play with the Media Player either - if this is so, visit the Microsoft web site to download and install the latest video codecs for your media type. If there are no suitable codecs available from Microsoft, then the file you are trying to open may be compressed/ encoded using a proprietary codec - in such a case, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the device with which this video was captured. If none of these problems fit your scenario, then let us know via e-mail.

^^top of faq^^

VideoSnaps finds too many or too few photos in a video...

The default 'Search Settings' should work with most video recordings, though may over or under-fire with some noisy video. Try and adjust the Search Settings controls to a position that yields best results with your particular video.

Video can be loaded and played OK, but VideoSnaps does not find any photos...

See the above issue and try adjust the controls - if this does not help, try closing the program, then reloading and processing the same video again. If this doesn't work either, chances are that the video encoding is not suitable for the direct access type that VideoSnaps requires to individual frames - if it is possible, you could try converting the video to an AVI file compressed using a standard video codec type, with a third party video editor.

Takes very long to scan a video for photos...

You could try adjusting the Search Settings controls in favour of speed. If the processing is still too slow, try playing the video in normal preview mode - at normal speed - if the playback is jittery/ not smooth, the problem could be that your computer does not support real time playback of such video. The only thing you can do under such a case is to upgrade your hardware to remove this limitation. Another reason for slowness could be that you are trying to use a very large and/or uncompressed video file. If this is the case then you could try to recompress the video making it suitable for real time playback. You could also use a video editor to split the video file into smaller segments, then process the segments in VideoSnaps individually.

Do you have a question not addressed above? Please contact and we will reply promptly.



Do I have to download something again after buying VideoSnaps?

The same program archive you downloaded (trial shareware version) will be enabled (un-locked) after you enter a valid license key. The license key is sent to you via e-mail once your payment has been authorized. This license key "knows" which program edition you purchased, and will 'un-lock' the corresponding functionality. You should however check the web site for new versions/ updates, and if a version later than the one you downloaded before is available, you could download the newer version and install over your existing installation - effectively updating your VideoSnaps license.

If I previously trial'ed VideoSnaps and ran out the entire trial period, can I re-trial a newer program version?

Most newer program versions (updates) re-set the trial; so the answer is yes - we would definitely like you to try any new features/ improvements. The only exception is if an update release does not introduce much over and above the previous release.

How do I un-install VideoSnaps?

VideoSnaps does not install files in different folders on your computer, or in your system folders. Hence there is no need for special un-installer. To un-install, simply delete the folder where you installed the program (first making sure to backup any personal files/ data you may have in there), then delete the corresponding program group.

What is your policy on Free Updates?

VideoSnaps customers who have purchased a license are entitled to free maintenance updates with the same major release number - these can be downloaded from the download area, and installed on top of an existing VideoSnaps installation. For example, customers who purchase version 7.3 are entitled to receive all further releases beginning with the number '7.' (e.g. 7.3, 7.5, 7.6, etc.) free of charge. When the major release number changes to 8 (or higher), these customers will have the option to purchase a cross-upgrade for a small 'bridging' fee.





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26 Hepburn Rd, North Rocks,



For Press/ Editorial inquiries, OEM, bundling, business alliance opportunities, volume discounts, etc, please send an e-mail providing full particulars to 

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